Structure & Governance

NIBS is a not-for-profit volunteer run organisation as an Incorporated Association.

Decisions about the shop are made democratically by the NIBS board which meets every month. Board members generally reflect the diversity of NIBS supporters, drawn from the ALP left, the Greens, trade unions, and socialist/anarchists groups, as well as independent and retired activists.

The shop is mostly run by volunteers who do weekly shifts. You can inquire about volunteering by contacting us.

Current Coordinator – Jonathan RutherfordJR

The Committee employs one part-time Coordinator, Jonathan Rutherford, responsible for the day-to-day running of the shop and taking a lead role in organising our events and fundraising events. Jonathan has had a long interest in left ideas, and identifies as an eco-socialist. He hopes NIBS can be a community space for dialogue and debate about the big issues confronting the left.

Current Committee Members:

President – Cavell ZangalisCavell

Union life began in my first years, early 60’s, as teachers were among the first “professionals” to take industrial action in sustained campaigns.

Late 60’s and 70’s campaigned for the formal teaching of English to new arrivals from inner suburban schools and development of multicultural initiatives and projects (possible during the Whitlam years). Later in the 80’s coordinated statewide multicultural programs, before returning to schools as principal in the Kennett years. Founding principal of Melbourne Girls’ College. I wasn’t very obedient. Retired injured.

NIBS became my next project, first with Jeff Sparrow and then Seb Prowse. Pioneering fundraising events such as a sophisticated (for the time) BookFair, Comedy Debates, Quiz Nights and even some catering years, kept us afloat – its been a wonderful journey with a huge number of great people who gave their time and talents and books to NIBS – a continuing tradition in a changing setting.

Treasurer – Anastasia Buryakstatia

As the Treasurer, Stasia helps keep NIBS within means, in addition to a job in book publishing.Through her involvement in the environmental activism, she became a strong believer in Left values, the power of education and political literacy. She enjoys realising her passions in the best radical bookstore in Melbourne.

Secretary – Theresa Cahillane

Event Coordinator – Catherine Noone 

Commitee Member – Marko BeljacMarko

Marko currently teaches at Swinburne University of Technology and is active in the trade union movement, the global justice movement, and has a growing passion for ecological thought and action to a not inconsiderable degree instilled by the NIBS Coordinator. He writes freelance on just about everything and would like to see a society based on a federation of worker owned and managed enterprises distributing resources on the basis of need and living in peace and harmony with the organic and inorganic world.

Committee Member – Ciaran Tully 

Ciaran Tully is a socialist and undergraduate studying Philosophy and History at Swinburne University and Spanish at RMIT. He began volunteering at NIBS in early 2015 and particularly enjoys the large amount of quite reading time volunteering affords him.

Committee Member – Adrian Graves

Is the current President of SEARCH foundation.

Committee Member – Alex Welsh 


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