NIBS Ambassadors

NIBS is glad to have the support of the following influential voices on the Australian Left

Frank Stillwell – Retired Political Economist (Sydney Uni) Frank stillwell

“It is important for the development of left-wing thinking and politics in Australia to have at least one good progressive bookshop in each major city. NIBS handsomely fills this role for Melbourne and deserves strong support.”


Iain McIntyre – Historian & Musician 

Iain Mcintyre

“NIBS has been providing Melbourne with a great range of radical and agitational books, magazines and T-shirts for the best part of two decades now. Their second-hand collection has provided me with many fascinating items I doubt I would have found anywhere else. Top finds over the years have included a book about US street art in the 1970s, another by radical Melbourne artists from the same era, a detailed account of Nazism and the occult, an obscure oral history of the Hungarian revolution and plenty of crime fiction. Drop by, who knows what you’ll find.”

Antony Loewenstein – Independent Journalist & Guardian Columnist newbiopiccolour

“I support the New International Bookshop because a healthy democracy is served by a bookshop that lives by the values of justice and human rights. Challenging the established order of the day isn’t just necessary, it’s essential if being a good citizen. I salute its work.”


Jeff Sparrow – Historian & Editor of Overland Magazinejeff head2

 ‘NIBS is a Melbourne institution dedicated to matching radical books with radical people. It depends on the support of people like you.’


Bryan Howe – Comedian/Satirist (as seen on ABC “Brian & Dawe”) 

25/08/2008 ARTS: Humourist Bryan Dawe

I remember my early visits to NIBS in the 1970’s when it was housed in Elizabeth street, in Melbourne, On the crowded shelves in those small, musty rooms I discovered, for the first time, a completely alternative view of global politics and the media.

The first book I ever purchased there was Phillip Knightley’s outstanding work: ‘The first casualty’. It was described by John Pilger as: “The most comprehensive j’accuse of journalism as propaganda in the English language.’

I was to return often to NIBS, its books continuing to shine light onto subjects thought and authors that, until then, I had little knowledge of. Importantly, in an era when political and media truth is very much an endangered species, NIBS continues to offer critical and dissenting voices that don’t find their way onto the shelves of book stores anywhere else. May they sail forever.

Lizzie O’Shea –  Lawyer (Maurice Blackburn) 


NIBS is a Melbourne institution and valuable resource for activists and critical thinkers in our fair city. I have made many close friends and many more political allies at NIBS, as it continues to nurture generations of activists. Every society needs a place for the left to share ideas, build solidarity and work out how to build a better world. NIBS is that place and it must be fiercely protected. It’s not just Julian Assange’s favourite Melbourne bookstore, it’s mine too!

Verity Burgmann – Political Scientist (Monash Uni)


Melbourne, like all great cities, has a rich history of left-wing bookshops, such as Andrade’s, McNamara’s and Laidler’s. They provided literature from all over the world and functioned as lively local venues for debate and discussion. NIBS continues this important tradition in a time when critical thinking is needed more urgently than ever before as free-market capitalism runs increasingly amok and imperils most people’s well-being and the planet on which we must live.

Van Badham – Theatre-maker and novelist 

Van badham

Left wing culture thrives in its libraries and bookshops. At the heart of our political mission is an emotional commitment – and an intellectual practise, and the culture of reading, learning, discussing, and the camaraderie of analysis. A bookstore like NIBS is a living conversation with our comrades of the past, the present and the future. 


Tom O’Lincoln – Historian & Member of Socialist Alternative 


 For my four decades plus since arriving on these shores, NIBS have been irreplaceable comrades in the struggle.




Samantha Castro – Environmental Activist –  Friends of the Earth

Sam castro





Cam Walker – Environmental Activist – Friends of the Earth 





Stuart MacIntyre –  Historian (Melb Uni)