New Books for October 2017

The Wobblies at War: A History of the IWW and the Great War in Australia – Frank Cain – $40

A People’s History of the Russian Revolution  – Neil Faulkner – $26

Development Against Democracy: Manipulating Political Change in the Third World – Irene L. Gendzier – $36

Devil’s Bargain –  . . the Storming of the Presidency – Joshua Green – $30

Defiant Earth: The Fate of Humans in the Anthropocene – Clive Hamilton – $30

The Palestine Israel Conflict – Greg Harms and Todd Ferry – $34

Lost Copy: The Endless Wards – Iraq and Afghanistan – John Martinkus – $40

Crossing the Line: Australia’s Secret History in the Timor Sea – Kim McGrath – $23

Red – Stephen Moline – $40

The Bolsheviks Come to Power – The Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd – Alexander Rabinowitch – $36

Total Propaganda: Basic Marxist Brainwashing for the Angry and the Young – Helen Razer – $28

The Conscientious Communist: Ernie Lane and the Rise of Australian Socialism – Jeff Rickertt – $40

Our Revolution: A Future to Believe in – Bernie Sanders – $23

Bridging Troubled Waters: Australia and Asylum Seekers – Tony Ward – $40

Storming Heaven – Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism- Steve Wright – $35

One comment

  1. Interested in any book launches by John Martinkus, in NSW or ACT coming up, Please don’t put me on any general mailing list (am on SO MANY), but if anyone knows when or where Lost Copy will be launched, discussed (eg National Library of AUstralia, ANU, or similar.

    Once again, please don’t put me on any E-mail lists, or you will go to SPAM. It seems one can’t ask a specific, one-off enquiry nowadays without invoking this….. MJay


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