Left Q/A: What does Left & Right when cooperation is required to fix the planet

Steb fisher poster.jpg

We are facing a fundamental change in the way we need to see the world as humans. Up till about 100 years ago the planet was relatively empty of humans and competitive systems of politics and economics were an effective, if at times wasteful, way to colonise all parts of the planet. The planet is now full and so the competition between, left and right, conservative and liberal, communist and capitalist and within all the global markets has run into limits. What are these limits and how do we organise to live within them?

Come hear Steb Fisher, Honorary Research Fellow and Sessional Lecturer in Environment and Sustainability, elaborate on these issues, followed by Q/A.

Admission: $5 Nibs members, $7 non-members

Pre-book tickets at Bella Union here

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