New Jacobin Out Now: The Party We Need

Description from Jacobin website:

“When we were planning our new issue many of us didn’t take the prospect of a Trump presidency too seriously. The lead that Hillary Clinton had built seemed insurmountable — and, beyond the backing of organized labor and other Democratic Party stalwarts, she had the support of every major sector of American capital.

It’s with some luck then that our fall issue focused on the bigger picture. And at 170 pages, we managed to do just that, with only a bit of unnecessary prognostication.

We wanted to give readers a glimpse of the myriad visions of Jacobin contributors who are looking to the future and working for change. The issue covers the rise and fall of the Socialist Party of America — “the party we lost.” We also explore why we were never able to build a sustainable labor party, as well as what at last building “the party we want” would look like. Finally, we asked a host of activists and scholars what “the party we need” should be organizing for in the here and now.”

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