New Books in November

Mind of Islamic State – Robert Manne – $23

Who Rules the World – Noam Chomsky – $35img_4707

Fight Like a Girl – Cllementine Ford – $30
In the Vales of Tears on Marxism – Roland Boer – $48

A Handful of Sand: The Gurindji Struggle, After the Walk-Off – Charlie Ward – $30

Why The future is Workless – Tim Dunlop – $30

Not just for this Life: Gough Whitlam Remembered – Edited by Wendy Guest and Cary Gray – $30

The Extreme Centre: A Warning – Tariq Ali – $20

In Defense of Housing – David Madden and Peter Marcuse – $43

Grand Hotel Abyss – Stuart Jeffries – $39

The Panama Papers – Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier – $27

Climate Politics and the Climate Movement in Australia – Verity Burgmann and Hans A Baer – $45

Red Professor: The Cold War Life of Fred Rose – Peter Monteath and Valerie Munt – $40

The End of the Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men – Robert Jensen – $25



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