Book Talk – Big Farms Big Flu – Rob Wallace – Note: Date Change Now on Tuesday 25th, 7pm

Tuesday October 25th
7pm, New International Book Shop
54 Victoria St, Carlton, 3053 

Admission: By Donation
RSVP here

Rob Wallace, U.S based author of a new book ‘Big Farms Make Big Flu,’ published by
Monthly Review Press, will give a talk about the book at New International Bookshop.
The book is a collection of dispatches, by turns harrowing and thought-provoking, which tracks the ways influenza and other pathogens emerge from an agriculture controlled by multinational corporations. With a precise and radical wit, Rob juxtaposes ghastly phenomena such as attempts at producing featherless chickens with microbial time travel and neoliberal Ebola. Rob also offers sensible alternatives to lethal agribusiness. Some, such as farming cooperatives, integrated pathogen management, and mixed crop-livestock systems, are already in practice off the agribusiness grid.

The book will be available for sale and signage on the night, at a discounted price.

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