New Books in May

Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism – Cindy Milstein – $24

Keywords for Radicals: The Contested Vocabulary of Late Capitalist Struggle – Multiple Authors – $40

Goals and Means: Anarchism, Syndicalism, and Internationalism in the Origins of the Federación Anarquista Ibérica – Jason Garner – $32

Communalism as Alternative – Erik Eiglad -$18

Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to Capitalist Catastrophe – Michael Lowy – $26

The Emergence of Eco-Decentralism – Janet Biehl – $18

Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities – Rebecca Salt – $25

We Do Not Fear Anarchy—We Invoke It: The First International and the Origins of the Anarchist Movement – Robert Graham – $35

The Value of Radical Theory: An Anarchist Introduction to Marx’s Critique of Political Economy – Wayne Price – $24

The Letters of Joe Hill: Centenary Edition – Joe Hill –  $16

Freedom is a Constant Struggle – Angela Davis – $25

What About the Rapists? Anarchist Approaches to Crime & Justice – Multiple Authors – $10

Property is Theft! – Iain Mckay (eds) – $42


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