The Transnational Capitalist Class

Andrew Self, PhD
Andrew Self, PhD

Thursday May 26th  7pm, New International Book Shop 54 Victoria St, Carlton, 3053
Admission $10/$5 (student/unemployed) Pre-Book Tickets Here

The theory of the ‘Transnational Capitalist Class’ holds that a transnational capitalist class is the natural outcome of unequal globalisation, that nation states are becoming increasingly weak, and that democracy is being undermined. It argues that the Panama Papers have revealed the wealth, lawlessness and control of the transnational capitalist class, and that just as the left often accepts that elections have little to do with individual personalities, and rather the machinations of global capital, it should be emphasised in their analysis – something that calls for a rethinking of traditional theories of imperialism.

It also argues that as a result there has been a creation of a global proletariat due to increasing exploitation and downward mobility, and this global proletariat is not confined only to the third world.

This talk will open up discussion about this class and how we should use the idea of a transnational capitalist class to understand modern capitalism and also the potentials for global resistance, with a focus on Latin America.

Andrew Self is an academic and journalist who has spent much of his time in Latin America researching and working with progressive movements.

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