Fighting the Corporate Takeover – Anti-TPP Activism & Strategies

Thursday May 19th 7pm, New International Book Shop 54 Victoria St, Carlton, 3053 
Admission: By Donation Pre-Book your tickets here

The Transpacific Partnership Deal threatens to further undermine democracy and welfare standards in Australia. But it has NOT yet been ratified by our parliament! I Such legislation has been been blocked in the past, and can be again. Slowly a grassroots campaign is developing to stop it. Come to hear activists from the union and environmental movements discuss what we can do, and how you can get involved, to stop this latest round of pro-corporate legislation

Panel Speakers:

Kevin Bracken – TPP Union Roundtable

Pier Moro –  Australian Asia Worker Links (AAWL)

Andrew Dettmer – Australian Fair Trade Investment Network (AFTINET)/ Aus Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU)

Sam Castro – Friends of the Earth (FOE).

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