Search Talk – Labor’s Historic Mission – Brian Ellis

Brian Ellis will talk about his recently released pamphlet: Labor’s Historic Mission (See:


Admission: $10/$5 (unwaged)

Thursday April  14th 
7pm-8:30pm, New International Book Shop
54 Victoria St, Carlton, 3053 

Brian argues that philosophically Labor is committed to developing a humanistic, socially egalitarian state, yet historically its approach has never been doctrinaire, but always basically utilitarian. That is, political institutions and policies are always to be assessed by how well in practice they serve the interests of the majority. Today, Labor’s historic mission must be to develop pragmatically a welfare state consistent with the demands of its position.

Brian Ellis is a retired professional philosopher. He was formerly Professor of Philosophy at La Trobe University. As an academic he worked mainly in logic, metaphysics, and philosophy of science, and published three books and dozens of learned papers. Since retirement, he has published four more books, with another one coming out shortly, mainly in the area of political philosophy and social democracy.

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