Corbyn and Sanders: The limits and possibilities of the New Parlimentary Left

As part of its Left Q/A Series NIBS will host a discussion on: Corbyn and Sanders: The limits and possibilities of the New Parlimentary Left

Thursday April  21st 
7pm-8:30pm, New International Book Shop
54 Victoria St, Carlton, 3053 

Recently the United States and Britain have witnessed the emergence of politicians that openly label themselves as Socialists. In the US Burnie Sanders has defied expectations with successes in his campaign for the Democratic candidacy, posing an increasingly serious challenge to the established oligarchy within the Democrat party with his calls for a ‘political revolution’. In the UK Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party with a resounding majority by old and new members alike, and despite almost blanket hostility from the British media has managed to remain popular with many voters. At the same time, there have been those on the left that argue that one or both of these politicians do not represent a radical alternative to the status quo.

This panel will discuss what the possibilities and limits of their success mean for the left both in the US and UK, but also for the left elsewhere.

Panelists include:
– Andrew Irving from the Communist Party of Australia
– Race Matthews member of the Australian Labor Party
– Alex Waters PhD student from RMIT
– Lucy Honan from Solidarity

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