New Books in January

Capitalism Must Die! A basic introduction to capitalism: what it is, why it sucks and how to crush it – Stephanie McMillan – $25

The Dignity of Chartism – Dorothy Thompson – $25IMG_20160112_162903[1].jpg

Trans: A Memoir – Juliet Jacques – $25

Capitalism: A Ghost Story – Arundhati Roy – $15

The Extreme Centre: A warning  – Tariq Ali – $15

Disaster Capitalism: Making a killing out of Catastrophe: Antony Loewenstein

Speak Up, Reach Out: A life to Reckon with – Graham Smith – $30

Socialist Register: The Politcs of the Right – Leo Panitch & Greg Albo (eds) – $50

Red Professor: The Cold War Life of Fred Rose – Peter Monteath & Valerie Munt – $40

The Muslims are Coming: Islamophobia, Extremism and the Domestic War on Terror – Arun Kundani – $20

The Blessing – Adrian Caesar – $30

Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a world without work – Nick Srnicek & Alex Williams – $25


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