Decolonizing Solidarity – Available @ NIBS now.

Decolonizing Solidarity: Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles – The new book by long time Australian supporter of Indigenous struggles Clare Land  is available now at NIBS – $54clare-land-sm

In this highly original and much-needed book, Clare Land interrogates the often fraught endeavors of activists from colonial backgrounds seeking to be politically supportive of Indigenous struggles. Blending key theoretical and practical questions, Land argues that the predominant impulses which drive middle-class settler activists to support Indigenous people cannot lead to successful alliances and meaningful social change unless they are significantly transformed through a process of both public political action and critical self-reflection.

Based on a wealth of in-depth, original research, and focusing in particular on Australia, where – despite strident challenges – the vestiges of British law and cultural power have restrained the nation’s emergence out of colonizing dynamics, Decolonizing Solidarity provides a vital resource for those involved in Indigenous activism and scholarship.

And stay tuned for an announcement soon about Clare Land speaking about the book at NIBS.

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